Our Solutions
We Provide Effective Solutions

We partner with our customers to empower them in the digital space with our effective solutions. Our core expertise are Creative & Web Production, Digital Media Production and Business e-Solutions. We provide a holistic approach and simplify processes to increase business efficiency and create long-term shareholder value. If you are looking to create a digital presence for your business, partner with us today for a PLUS One experience.

Creative & Web Production

Graphic Design, Web Design, Server Hosting

Start creating digital brand equity with an interactive website showcasing your business. Our team of creative and web experts is at hand to produce user-friendly and efficient websites to bring better engagement and lead generation to your business.  

Digital Media Production

Photography, Videography, Digital Media Contents Creation

Video is fast becoming a powerful marketing tool. Create impactful yet cost effective videos to emotionally engage your business with your customers. Our digital team can help you build engaging stories on your products and services using dynamic video styles and contents. 

Business e-Solutions

ICT, InfoSec, IoT, Digital Marketing, Digital Loyalty System, Wi-Fi Couponing System, e-Commerce

Technology-driven elements such as IT infrastructure, surveillance solutions, wireless sensors, web-based solutions, social media, mobile apps, and digital technology are driving a fast impact in today’s business. Our e-solutions team is ready to digitalised your business today with customised e-solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.

▪ Network Design & Implementation ▪ e-Mail Platform ▪ Cloud System ▪ OSP Services ▪ Information Security ▪ Smart Office / Home / School / Community / Agriculture ▪ E2E Solutions